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Technological advancement has placed Binary Options trading into a whole new realm. Traders now have the opportunity of letting machines do trades for [...] Read Full Review

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Flexible trading methods
No Proof of Results
Multiple Assets
Not Regulated
Multiple Brokers
Free Package
High Win-Rate
Flexible trading methods
Multiple Assets
Multiple Brokers
Free Package
High Win-Rate
No Proof of Results
Not Regulated


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Technological advancement has placed Binary Options trading into a whole new realm. Traders now have the opportunity of letting machines do trades for them. Over the past couple of years, automated trading software have sprout across the world, some genuine some not. Therefore, as traders look to make more money than ever before, they must do so knowing they are using legitimate trading software and OptionRobot.com should be their ultimate choice.

How it works

OptionRobot.com is a 100% automated trading software for binary options. Basically, the options robot generates trading signals and automatically executes them for you, directly to your linked broker account. For the best results, OptionRobot.com combines six different market indicators each with its own stand-out features. Here, traders have the freedom of selecting indicators that provide the best signals for their trades.

The beauty of trading with option robot is that the robot will only make a trade if and only if the signals produced by the indicators are correlating. For instance, the robot will place a Put trade only when all Put signals are correlating. This amazing ability leaves very little, if any, margin, for error making option robot one of the best-automated trading platforms around.

Every traders ultimate goal is to of course make money! It is fair to say that OptionRobot.com provides some of the best trading systems that guarantee returns. For example, the Classic System is safe and secure for trading. Risk Averse traders find the classic system well calibrated to suit their trading goals. Option robots Martingale System is more attuned for faster profits with increased risk exposure; traders looking to make fast profits find this system alluring. The Fibonacci system is Option robots most accurate. It automatically adjusts trade sizes depending on the win/loss sequence giving traders the opportunity to recoup on their trades.

Key Features

  • Excellent auto trading algorithm with up to 83% accuracy rating

  • Several compatible brokers that include: StockPair, 24Option.com, BinaryTilt, and empire option

  • Trading systems for different types of traders:

    • Classic System This is considered most safe and secure

    • Martingale System Generates faster profits at increased risk levels

    • Fibonacci System This is the most accurate. It allows for trade sizes to adjust based on win/loss sequence.

  • Trading Indicators such as; Trend Indicator, RSI, Williams, MACD, STOCH, and CCI indicator.


Advantages of Using OptionRobot.com

  • Risk Exposure handled by Option robot OptionRobot.com ensures your trades are 100% handled and managed by robots. Therefore, they are able to make rational decisions at the right time.

  • Trends easily tracked by robots Option robot follows fundamental trends that give clear predictions in the midst of a volatile scenario, hence, ensuring the correct trade is placed.

  • Trading Psychology is averted Human is to error, a saying that we use a lot to excuse our shortcomings; however, trading robots are emotionless and always make the right decision despite the surrounding factors. You can rest assured that your trades are in right hands.

  • NO experience needed OptionRobot.com allows you to trade even without much of a trading experience because the robots will do the job for you. However, it is advisable to educate yourself on some strategies, technical and fundamental analysis on trading.

  • Recognize both entry and exit points Robots have recognized points of entry and always exit when your trade is still on the money. They relieve the stress of following fundamental indicators because they know when to enter and when to quit.

  • Ability to trade with multiple assets Manual traders tend to follow only one asset in order to successfully predict its trend. Unlike manual traders, trading robots can manage up to 50 different assets altogether. This gives traders the opportunity to either place all or some of the assets within this range.

  • Mechanical Failure Weak or no internet connection might reside trade orders on a computer and not a server. Therefore, trade orders would not be sent to the market.

  • Requires monitoring as much as the robots are doing trades for your, a degree of monitoring is required in case of mechanical failures such as internet connectivity, power outages and also computer crashes.
Payment Options

It is easy to trade on OptionRobot.com. Simply, join them by opening an account, deposit money in that account using credit card or visa, and auto trade.

OptionRobot.com recommends deposits in the region $500 -$1000. However, traders can start any amount that is comfortable with them. The minimum amount you can deposit with a compatible broker is $250.

Customer Support

OptionRobot.com agents are always ready to answer any burning question(s) you might have. They can easily be reached via email on [email protected].


Automated trading is certainly shaping the future of trading and OptionRobot.com is in the forefront. Option robot has become one of the easiest methods to earn money without breaking a sweat. Simply open an account, load that account with an initial capital, run the software, and then let option robots create wealth for you.

Technological advancement has placed Binary Options trading into a whole new realm. Traders now have the opportunity of letting machines do trades for [...]

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